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Meet The Doctors at Milpitas Spine Center

Meet Dr. Dhanish Patel: Your Guide to Optimal Living

Dr. Dhanish PatelWith nearly 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Dhanish Patel has dedicated his career to empowering Milpitas residents to “Adjust the Way You Live.” A graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, his holistic approach integrates:

  • Cutting-edge chiropractic techniques
  • Profound knowledge of human biomechanics
  • A passion for patient education

Dr. Patel’s philosophy centers on natural, medication-free treatments that address the root causes of pain and dysfunction. His customized care plans combine chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative therapies, nutritional counseling, and more to restore your body’s optimal vitality.

A Life of Service to the Milpitas Community

In addition to transforming lives daily at Milpitas Spine Center, Dr. Patel actively shares his expertise through local workshops, health fairs, and corporate wellness initiatives. His inclusive vision has created a practice where patients of all ages and walks of life feel at home, from newborns to elite athletes.

As an esteemed member of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce and Bay Area Indian Association, Dr. Patel’s devotion to your well-being extends far beyond office walls. His commitment to continual learning ensures you receive the latest research-driven therapies for superior outcomes.

Get to Know Dr. Scott Riley: Elevating Potential Through Movement

Dr. Scott RileyA doctor of chiropractic since 2005, Dr. Scott Riley’s journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University. His experiences as an athletic trainer and involvement with sports programs solidified his passion for human performance optimization through movement.

At Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Riley amassed specialized training in extremity adjusting, nutritional supplementation, rehabilitation, and more. This invaluable cross-training allows him to address injuries impacting every joint and muscle group expertly.

A Life in Motion for Milpitas Residents

Like his partner Dr. Patel, Dr. Riley prioritizes staying active in local health advocacy and community enrichment across the Bay Area. As a Milpitas Chamber of Commerce member, he continually networks to heighten awareness and access to Milpitas Spine Center’s chiropractic and rehabilitative services.

Dr. Riley’s thirst for knowledge fuels his commitment to advanced training, ensuring your care plan incorporates the profession’s latest breakthroughs. From elite athletes to sedentary desk professionals, he empowers every patient to move more freely.

Experience the Leading Edge of Chiropractic Wellness

At Milpitas Spine Center, the partnership of Drs. Patel and Riley provides Milpitas residents with an unrivaled advantage – a multidisciplinary approach that merges clinical expertise, patient education, and whole-body healing.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your optimal well-being by scheduling your appointment with our team today!


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