Ensure a Healthy Work Environment

Is your work environment causing you pain? Poor ergonomics are the reason many patients seek chiropractic care. That’s true whether you work in Milpitas, California, or somewhere across the continent.

Part of the problem is today’s technology. Most of us can be found on a daily basis hunched over a computer or tilting our head and neck down to send or receive a text. Laptop computers are among the worst offenders – think about the people you see at the coffee shop, hunching over to get a clear view of the screen.

Here are some tips to encourage better posture – and a healthier body.

  • Think about the position of your head. Try to keep the weight of your head directly above its base of support (the neck). Avoid craning your head and neck forward. That can lead to forward head position, which can flatten your normal neck curve, leading to disc compression and early arthritis. It also leads to headaches. Make sure your eyes are at the same level as your computer monitor.
  • Make sure your desk is at the proper height, and that everything on it is easy to reach.
  • Both feet should touch the floor. When you cross your legs, your pelvis rolls forward and “unstacks” your spine. That puts pressure on your lower back and forces you to lean slightly to one side. As for high heels, they may be stylish, but they affect the body’s center of gravity, potentially changing your body’s alignment.
  • Use props such as footrests, lumbar back supports or even a towel or small pillow when sitting at your desk.
  • Your keyboard and mouse should be at about elbow level. Make sure the weight of your arms is supported at all times. You should have arm rests on your chair, or you can strain the muscles of your neck and shoulders.
  • Take at least a five-minute break from your screen every half hour to hour to stand up, stretch and move around. You’ll also want to take microbreaks frequently. Simple stretches include neck rotations, fist clenches, arm dangles and shoulder shrugs.

If you have postural problems or you find yourself in pain despite your best efforts, consider a visit to Milpitas Spine Center in Milpitas, California. Drs. Dhanish Patel and Scott Riley and their dedicated team of chiropractors and therapists will pinpoint the source of your pain, and devise a custom treatment plan to target the source of that discomfort naturally and systematically.

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